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WP Link Ninja

WP Link Ninja Review

by Jay Hale


WP Link Ninja Review



Hi folks, it’s Jay Hale from Jay Hale Marketing here with my review of WP Link Ninja. Which launched on the 12th of April at 9 00 a.m. Eastern standard time in this review.


I’m going to go through this really useful release from Randy Smith. Unfortunately, it’s the nature of the affiliate marketing world that we live in at the moment that this product. Which is actually really useful and does something that actually works. Is probably going to sell a lot less copies than the software products and all of the other hypey stuff. That’s out there right now, which doesn’t work at all, which isn’t really fair.


But then little in the world is. So we can only philosophize and just sort of look at how things are. But what I can say about WP Link Ninja. Is that if you can put yourself out of that hyped mindset that thinks everything has to be push button. This and everything has to be done for you delivering cash in five seconds and all of that stuff. Then what you are gonna get here is actually a really useful plugin. That is gonna do something that will earn you a lot of commissions in the longer term. Because it’s a lot more than a link cloaker, which is what the name probably suggests . It will also create done for you pages for you.


Obviously you have to input the information. So it’s not a push button done for you, but it’s a done for you page creator. It can display pages full of your links in a very attractive way. It will also create complete done-for-you web page for you. The software is actually very effective, obviously as a link cloaker as well. So it will avoid commissions of yours effectively being poached by someone else outside of your control. It’s a non-hypey sales page. Everything about it is pretty much does what it says on the tin. So as the tagline says here. Affiliate marketing is really cool, but you know people are cutting you out of your commissions.


Obviously that’s one of the main reasons for using quality link cloaker. So if that sounds like it’s of interest and it should be then read this review. So let’s have a quick look at the sales page, “attention online marketers bloggers, consultants and affiliate marketers”. I found a way to help you protect your sales and commissions in just a few clicks. It’s time to grab your commissions that you work hard for. But as I said, this is a lot more than a link cloaker as we’ll see as we go through.


WP Link Ninja


This is the members area of WP Link Ninja and we’ll also have a look at the upsells.


WP Link Ninja


There are just a couple of upsells the front end price for this is 17. There’s no drop down coupon or anything like that. Randy doesn’t go in for that stuff. Rightly or wrongly and a very short to the point sales video just over a minute long.


What is WP Link Ninja all about?


It’s true push button page creator. If you can click a menu option, you can use it allowing fast affiliate link creation.

It comes with pre-installed graphics, images, and text options. Every step of the way making it super easy and fast to create and use. Randy himself like me. Is a self described non-techie. So you know if we can use this stuff, then you can too. Built with the 10 minutes rule in mind. I never want to spend 10 minutes before I see something. I could use to make a profit and with options that make sense to marketers.


Like free gifts and affiliate offers for you to use built in. There’s a tutorial here where you can watch how to use WP Link Ninja. “Hi guys in this video we’re going to give you a quick rundown of how to use the WP Link Ninja plugin”.



Okay, so you can see everything that you need to know on that demo. There in far more detail than I can go through I’ll show you the members area. But essentially I’m just going to show you how you can get to the training videos and get everything set up. So let’s have a quick look at the sales page. As i said, the front end is 17. Randy Smith designed this for normal marketers to create good looking protected affiliate links. WP Link Ninja allows you to share all your recommendations and links on easy to create hot product pages. With no technical knowledge.


Now I’m a subscriber on Randy’s email list and I know that at the bottom of all his emails. He has a link to his hot page and in there he’s got a list of the products. That are hot at the moment from the last week or so and you always get sales off of that. He actually promotes that page specifically at the weekend. So he normally does like a free download giveaway on the weekends and then he’ll include a link to his hot page.


I’ve had loads of sales from him on the weekend. Where he’s been promoting my products and he doesn’t work on the weekend. So I know that is only because he has used these hot pages to actually sell those products on the weekend. So I know they work because I’ve had sales myself for my products from his hot pages. This is exactly what he’s using to create them. WP Link Ninja is a plug-in design from the ground up exclusively for online marketers. Who have little or no technical knowledge.


WP Link Ninja – What’s Included?


It builds beautifully styled affiliate recommendation pages in 3 steps. Step 1 create cloak link. Step 2 create a recommendation page and step 3 style your link pages. WP Link Ninja also comes with 24 ready-made pre-installed banners. All of these are included. 20 ready-made pre-installed backgrounds. 20 ready-made pre-installed headlines. 5 ready-made pre-installed gifts. So these are all ready for you to give away. 10 ready-made pre-installed attention grabbing banners. This is good value, folks, really and simple.


WP Link Ninja


WP Link Ninja


WP Link Ninja


WP Link Ninja


WP Link Ninja


WP Link Ninja – Bonuses


Push-Button page creation is just an example of the sort of stuff that you can create with this. Help videos for every option. The plug-in bonuses from Randy’s bonus are. Number one is JVzoo School. Now these aren’t rubbish pdf bonuses. These are serious products. Folks, this is a 20 part Video training course that gives you over the shoulder.

Look at everything you need to use.


WP Link Ninja


Bonus number two is Warrior Plus training. It’s a 20-part video course that Randy used when he first started working with product sales on Warrior Plus. Bonus number three is Sales Funnel Ninja. Again a 20-part video training course showing all the steps you need to learn to create profit making sales funnels around your products. So and again a 30 day, 100 money back guarantee.


Click Here to Get Your Copy Now.


So it’s a very solid product folks. Obviously I’m going to be recommending this to you in terms of accessing the product when you come to the members area.


First of all. You’re going to want to download the plugin. If you don’t have a wordpress site. Obviously you can create a new one from scratch. It’s very easy to do. I don’t have time to go into that folks. I’m assuming that most people know how to create a wordpress site. But if you don’t. There are loads of really good free tutorials on youtube. Just type in on youtube “how to create a wordpress site from scratch”. You’ll get dozens of videos that you can follow and get help.


One thing I like about Randy’s products is that you get it in video format and you get it in pdf. So using the nlp neuro linguistic program, programming ideas. Some people will prefer to see videos.


In fact probably 90% of people will. But there’ll be 10% or maybe 20% of people that prefer to see the information written down. So they can copy it. But anyway to view the help videos. We just click on the button here and then we just decide. You know say we want to learn how to build a page.

Then we just click on this button here and then “hey guys in this video”. Then the video starts running it’s as simple as that. Folks as i said. Click there to get access the pdf and click here to access your bonuses.


You can just download your bonuses here. It’s as simple as that. Everything delivers for you in terms of the upsells. So upsell number one is copy and paste emails. 200 plus email newsletters professionally written that you can plug and play into your autoresponder for an instant boost. In your open rates, click throughs, sales, and commissions. Upsell number two done for you squeeze page with plr giveaway reports. Now it’s not just one. It’s 36 done for you professional squeeze pages and 36 done for you unique reports with full private label rights.


Everything’s done for you and can be used with any autoresponder software. These are not blank templates, so there’s no need to write from scratch.


Everything is done for you, genuine done for you, and that is pretty much it. Those upsells are 27. The front end is 17, oto one is 27, and oto two is 37.

I recommend both of them highly. I think the done for your squeeze page one is exceptional value and that’s pretty much it folks.


WP Link Ninja – Conclusion


I’m going to give this five stars out five. Because it is a very high quality and very useful product. All that remains is for me to thank you for reading this review. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.


Click Here to Get Your Copy Now.



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